Who are we?


We’ve been around the block a few times.

The campaign chair for No on Prop 1 moved to Shoreline with his wife and kid two years ago. He joined the local neighborhood association, of which he is vice president this year. He volunteered to be on the Sidewalk Advisory Committee because he cared about the City and its future, and he wanted to get more involved. He voted yes for Prop 1 in 2016, which was the property tax increase, or the “levy lid lift”.

The campaign treasurer for the No on Prop 1 campaign has lived here in Shoreline since 2003 with her husband and two dogs. She owns a local business that employs five people, and she spends almost all her time in Shoreline. She on the board of a local neighborhood association for a few years. She was on the 2016 Shoreline Financial Sustainability Citizen Advisory Committee. She was the campaign chair for Yes on Prop 1 in 2016, and so it’s probably no surprise that she also voted yes for Prop 1 in 2016.

we are pro sidewalks and pro city.

Both of them would rather be walking the kids around the block and jogging the dogs around town than organizing a No on Prop 1 campaign, or really saying “no” to anything at all. But they think that Prop 1 has so many critical problems that, after much discussion about whether they were making perfect the enemy of the good, they decided someone had explain why Prop 1 is so bad and suggest ways forward if Prop 1 doesn’t pass. And they are probably not running any sort of No on Whatever campaign ever again after this.

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